Wind And Solar Energy

Making good use of natural forces to create a green future

With the continuous development of society, people's requirements for the environment are higher and higher. The application of new energy equipment is based on wind energy and solar energy more and more. The application of renewable energy is developing rapidly. Beijing Hengju complies with the requirements of the times, after years of independent research and development, large-scale vertical axis wind power generation device and new Fresnel solar thermal device are innovatively manufactured, and the complementary characteristics of wind and solar energy were used to develop wind&solar complemented steam generation system。

Renewable energy equipment

Hengju vertical axis wind power generation system

Equipped with a unique wind collector, these structures can rise to 200-300 meters in height promoting high altitude energy with units producing 10MW high-power equipment.

Fresnel photothermal device

It is equipped with a unique collector tube, which greatly improves the concentration ratio and high efficiency of light energy utilization

Hengju wind solar complemented collector tube

Hengju solar wind power complemented collector tube can complement the two systems. Equip with an energy storage system to continuously create high-quality steam for 24 hours a day for power generation, heating and heavy oil extraction.