The field has been deeply cultivated for many years with profound experience

EOR( enhanced oil recovery) Since the 1960s, it has gone through four stages of laboratory research, pilot field test, industrial field test and industrial application. From physical flooding, binary flooding and ternary flooding to now, more and more tests and projects have proved that polymer drive has become the leading technology for oil recovery enhancement.
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13 years of strong support of enhanced oil recovery technology

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Provide high-quality enhanced oil recovery services for 28 oil wells in 6 major oil fields


Provided high-quality oil extracting services for more than 3065 days

Service scope

EPC technology of EOR
Process design
Equipment processing and manufacturing
Equipment packaging and transportation
On-site commissioning
Operation and maintenance

EPC technology of EOR

According to the different geographical conditions and oilfield site environment, the EPC service for the third production company is set up according to customers' needs.

Process design

Beijing Hengju combine all kinds of international standards and customer standards, developing detailed scientific and application led EOR technology.

Equipment processing and manufacturing

Beijing Hengju rely on a strong machinery manufacturing team, providing high standards of products and service for our customers in the field of equipment processing and manufacturing .

Equipment packaging and transportation

Using skid-mounted manufacturing equipment and professional transport team with sufficient experience to provide perfect packaging and transport services for customers.

On-site commissioning

In the field of commissioning phase of test running, our professional team has more than 10 years experience.

Operation and maintenance

With more than 35,000 hours of operation and maintenance experience, our engineers can guarantee the highest standard of service to the oilfield operators.

All types of Hengju’s products

Equipment products

Discharging system

Dispersive dissolving device

Continuous curing system

Pressurization injection system

Chemicals for EOR

High stability polymer with high temperature and salt resistance

Surfactant for EOR

Application cases

Medco Indonesia EOR project

PDO Oman EOR project

PTTEP Thailand S1 EOR project

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