One of the most famous suppliers of chemicals and equipment in the international tertiary oil recovery market


Initial Stage Middle Development Stage At This Stage

Initial Stage

Chaoyang water treatment agent factory was set up in 1989 in Beijing Chaoyang district. The main product, polyaluminum chloride (PAC), reached an annual output of nearly 10000 tons after more than three years of development.The products cover over ten provinces. This is the start-up time of the company and laying the foundation for the rapid development in the future. This is Beijing Hengju's first venture.


Middle Development Stage

In the 1990s, the tertiary oil recovery of China has entered a period of rapid expansion. Almost 100% of PAM used for organic oil displacement is imported. In order to break the situation that foreign products monopolized the whole Chinese market, the company began to develop and produce the product in 1992.
From 1992 to 1995, it experienced three times of production expansion, and its output reached 10000 tons. This was the first enterprise in China whose PAM capacity could reach 10000 tons of industrial production and also setting the first Chinese record in PAM industry.

  • 1995
    The chemical method of acrylamide production line was put on in 1995, which provided guarantee for the production of acrylamide.
  • 1996
    A set of automatic central control system was put on in 1996, which greatly improved the quality and quantity of products.
  • 1997
    The prize of high tech enterprise was won in 1997.
  • 1998
    Due to the small site in the initial stage, the relocation plan was started in 1998, and the relocation address was finally decided in Huoxian Industrial Development Zone, Tongzhou District, Beijing.
  • 1999
    Large scale construction began in the new plant site in 1999, and the name of the company was changed to Beijing Hengju oilfield chemical Co., Ltd.
  • 2000
    The first phase of PAM project was put into operation in 2000, with a production capacity of 30000 tons, which set two Chinese records. The first phase of PAM and AM monomer project was put into operation in 2000, with a production capacity of 30000 tons, which set two Chinese records. Firstly, it was the first enterprise with a production capacity of 30000 tons in China. Secondly it was one of the first enterprises in China to produce acrylamide by using carrier-free method.

    The company exported the first batch of PAM through Henan foreign trade company in 2000, which was the first enterprise in China to export PAM. From 2000 to 2004, because there was no separate customs duty, the polyene amide tax number was used all the time. Only after 2004 did the company have a separate tax number. Therefore, the company became the first company to export PAM recorded by the customs.

    This laid the foundation for the internationalization.

    The Research Institute, which was founded in 2000, purchased a large number of R & D equipment for water treatment, mineral processing, paper making, petroleum, sugar making and other industries, and introduced researchers with bachelor, master and doctor degree, making the company a scientific and technological progress enterprise, providing strong development power and continuous technical support for the company.
  • 2001
    The international trade division was established and a branch was set up in 2001 in the UK.
  • 2002
    Canada branch was set up to plan the second phase expansion project in 2002.
    The construction of the second phase expansion project officially started (PAM production capacity reached 80000 tons, am acrylamide raised 80000 tons)
  • 2003
    Australia branch established in 2003.
  • 2004
    Russia branch was established in 2004.
  • 2005
    Beijing Hengju Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was established with the approval of Beijing municipal government in 2005, with a registered capital of 80 million Chinese Yuan.It comprised chemical products manufacturing plant, mechanical equipment manufacturing plant, water treatment and water service company, oilfield engineering construction company, Shanghai Hengli water treatment materials Co., Ltd., R & D center and international trade company. The company started from a single chemical manufacturer to product production, technology research and development, technical services and other directions in an all-round way.This is the company’s second start-up period.
  • 2006
    It was the first large-scale export enterprise in China, which had set a new record in the industry in 2006.
  • 2007
    The products were sold in 68 countries and regions in 2007.It was the export champion of the same industry in China, accounting for more than 80% of the export of the same industry
  • 2008
    The U.S. branch was established in 2008, and the sales of products increased to 73 countries and regions.The construction of Henan chemical plant was under planning.
  • 2009
    We purchased 66 acres of land in Henan Province and began to build Henan factory research center and office building in 2009. We obtained the invention patent of impulse power generation device and officially entered the new energy industry in the same year.

At This Stage

This was the company's third venture, a major development stage of realizing the transformation and upgrading of technical products, and getting rid of the era of single product manufacturer.

  • 2011
    The company successfully exported a complete set of equipment and technology for tertiary oil recovery to Yemen in 2011, and took the first step in the 3rd entrepreneurship.
  • 2012
    The company successfully started the construction of research center building of EPC project company of Indonesia tertiary oil recovery project in 2012, and obtained the invention patent of new energy vertical axis wind turbine.
  • 2013
    EPC project of tertiary oil recovery was signed with Oman Oil Development Company (PDO) in 2013, and Henan plant was invested and established.
  • 2014
    The construction of Oman project was started in 2014, and the construction of Henan factory surfactant project was started in 2015.In the same year,the civil engineering of Henan factory was completed, and the planning of Beijing factory moving to Henan factory was started. The research center building was established with 63 million square meters, which was the largest research center in the industry.W-SSG system proposed that new energy obtained the invention patent of vertical axis wind turbine supporting equipment, marking that W-SSG system is about to enter a new chapter.
  • 2016
    Beijing factory was moved to Henan in 2016.
  • 2017
    The whole factory in Beijing was relocated to Henan in 2017.
  • 2018
    EPC project of tertiary oil recovery was signed with pttep in 2018.